A Note About SMTP Server

Actually, email is emerging as one of the most valuable services on online in these days. At present, many people are using the SMTP server as a technique to send email from one user to another user, though it is hard enough to find and buy SMTP server of a good quality. Actually, the SMTP is a push protocol and can be widely used to transfer the email, whereas the internet message access protocol (IMAP) or post office protocol (POP) are used t obtain those emails at the receiver’s side. Basically, the SMTP is an application layer protocol in which the clients who need to transfer an email to open the TCP connection to SMTP server and then transmit an email all over the connection.

Types of SMTP model

The SMTP server is always on a listening mode. As fast as it listens for the TCP connection from the client, the process of SMTP initiates a connection on port 25. After achieving the TCP connection successfully, the client process can send the email immediately. The SMTP model is of couple of forms such as:

End-to-end method

The end to end SMTP model can be used to interact between the various companies, whereas the store and forward method are used inside the company.

Store and forward method

The client SMTP is one that initiates the session and let it call as a client SMTP and then the server SMTP is one that responds to a session call and let it call as a receiver SMTP.

How does the SMTP server work?

Usually, the email allows the user to transmit an email all over the internet. Today, email is one of the most widely used application services on the internet and also highly used in the business performances. At present, this email standard for online is simple mail transfer protocol. This SMTP is an application level protocol that handles the message services via the TCP/IP networks. This SMTP also utilizes the TCP, which is a well-known port 25. However, the simple mail transfer protocol is fully based on the end-to-end message delivery. The SMTP client contacts the host destination of SMTP server on port 25 to deliver the email. And then, the client waits for a server to transmit a 220 ready for email message. Depends upon the receipt of 220 message, the client transmits a HELO command. And then, the server responds with 250 requested mail action okay message. After that, the transaction of email will start with a mail command that provides sender identification and a from: field, which consists of addresses to those errors, must be reported. After the mail command successfully, the sender offers a series of RCTP commands, which find the recipients of email message. The receiver will also acknowledge every RCPT command by transferring 250 ok or by transmitting the error message 550 no such user there. After the entire RCTP commands have been acknowledged, the sender transmits a data command to inform the receiver in which the sender is ready to send a full mail message.

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